Saturday, May 1, 2010

Free Comic Book Day 2010

Free Comic Book Day has come once again. I wanted to take in the whole scene so I hit several of my local comic shops.

My first stop was Keith's Comics. The Spidey Statue supervised the distribution of the free goodies while behind him, outside the store, faces were painted.Meanwhile at Zeus Comics and Collectibles, the comics inside were free and the comics outside were almost free. Their annual 25 cent comic sale drew a crowd. Several creators like James O'Barr and Scott Kurtz were inside signing but for some reason the picture I took of them was incredibly dark so it stays off the blog.
And finally at Titan Comics (where you can find me every Wednesday), there was a big crowd hungry for both free and not free comics.
So what's the best way to wash down a hearty helping of free comics? Obviously an Invincible Orange Iron Man Slurpee. You may remember my amusement with the Wolverine Slurpee from last year. Luckily, one year later I am still as easily amused.
Since I already have an Iron Man cup from the first movie, I went the Black Widow route.
The two of us headed home with an armload of new reading material. Hopefully you did too. If not, there's always next year:

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