Saturday, April 4, 2009

Slurp Slurp Snikt

It's that time of year again. 2009's summer Slurpee® Spectacular stars "Wolverine & His Wacky Pals®"...(All Rights Reserved...Trademark/Copyright enforced by punishment of death and/or poking and prodding by plastic Wolverine-style claws...available wherever plastic claws are sold.)

Now that the strangling legalese is taken care of, we can actually see what the new cups look like (Image courtesy of 7 Eleven...whew!)

Probably the best part of 7 Eleven's frequent Slurpee movie tie-ins is the new flavor. Sure, that may not mean much to you but for someone like me, a new Slurpee flavor is more exciting than the new X-Men movie on which it's based. The Hulk and Iron Man had their turns, now Wolverine shows up to the party with "Mutant Berry." And even though it sounds like a a grotesque skin condition, it's actually quite tasty.

When they change the signage then they mean business. You can choose from Wolverine, Sabretooth or Gambit "lenticular" (meaning, it looks like the picture moves) cups and, as you know, no Slurpee can be consumed without the assistance of a novelty straw. $1.69 will get you said straw, featuring either Wolvie, Sabretooth, Gambit and everyone's favorite: Blob. It's true. You can relax now. You can finally own a Blob straw.

7 Eleven's press release also had talk of Wolverine X-tra Caffeinated Coffee but so far I've seen no evidence. Further investigation is undoubtably necessary.

So with a brain freeze that only a mutant healing factor could resolve, I took my Wolverine cup and went home. My summer has officially started. I have plans to now scour the grocery stores for Wolverine Soda, Wolverine Low Sodium Tomato Soup and Wolverine Bouillon Cubes.

Oh yeah, and if I have time, I'll go see the movie.

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