Saturday, August 15, 2009

Dr. Sivana's Robot Duplicate

There'll be no major revelations or insights today. I simply saw a robot that reminded me of Captain Marvel's Lex Luthor-wannabe arch rival: Dr. Sivana. You be the judge:

The major difference is that our new friend here sports a monocle instead of Sivana's typical coke bottles. Other than that minor quibble I think the resemblance is dead on.

I'm having a hard time making out what he's saying although I'm sure it's marginally threatening.

So far I've got, "I [something] money [something]...and you're wasting mine. Splurge or move along."

Any help here?

UPDATE: After listening a few thousand more times I think he says, "Time is money and your wasting mine. Splurge or move along."

Friday, August 14, 2009

Edit Edit Edit

By way of an update, I am waste deep in the editing process. Here's a look at my primary view during "editing time" (a.k.a. "any free second I might have").

Editing is one of the most time consuming parts of the filmmaking process and usually leads to boring blog entries. So I'll keep this brief. This blog entry is just a quick reminder that the project is alive and well and is moving forward. In a month or so I hope to upload some promo videos.

The goal is to have a cut of the film ready for a few film festival deadlines in November.

FYI: That's Gail Simone in the center window and Joe Quesada in the right window.