Saturday, August 15, 2009

Dr. Sivana's Robot Duplicate

There'll be no major revelations or insights today. I simply saw a robot that reminded me of Captain Marvel's Lex Luthor-wannabe arch rival: Dr. Sivana. You be the judge:

The major difference is that our new friend here sports a monocle instead of Sivana's typical coke bottles. Other than that minor quibble I think the resemblance is dead on.

I'm having a hard time making out what he's saying although I'm sure it's marginally threatening.

So far I've got, "I [something] money [something]...and you're wasting mine. Splurge or move along."

Any help here?

UPDATE: After listening a few thousand more times I think he says, "Time is money and your wasting mine. Splurge or move along."

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