Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Comic Book Literacy at Wizard World Texas

This time let's have dessert first. Hostess Hulk Cakes, anyone?

If you say "Hulk Cake" really fast it almost, kinda sounds like "cup cake." Which is what they fundamentally are but, as always, green food coloring, sprinkles and revamped packaging turns an everyday, mild mannered lunchbox treat into a gamma radiated beast intent on dessert domination.

Add on a half-assed attempt at a holiday tie-in (these are "Hostess Scary Cakes"...scary...like Halloween...) and we've got a real cafeteria commodity here. Sure, the cynical might point out that the cream center could also have been green but the goo's shear gooeyness makes up for any tonal indiscretion. In fact, the goo amps up the sweetness factor so much that eating one of these may be a life experience equivalent to being punched in the face by the Hulk himself.

And if it seems like I'm waaay too excited about these things, it may be because I rarely eat sugar. So after two of these I'm about ready to throw on the purple pants and go on my own Hulk-style rampage.

On to the main course:

Join us Saturday November 8th for Wizard World University at Wizard World Texas. At 2:00 the "Comics in the Classroom" Panel will feature Comic Book Literacy producer Khindra Kent as she speaks about the utilization of comics in early education.

The panel also includes Weldon Adams (Overstreet Price Guide Advisor) presenting "Comics Strips as Classroom Material" and Stephen T. Varela (University of Texas - El Paso) presenting " Re-Canonization: Transforming the English Curriculum with the Grapic Novel."

Tickets on sale on Wizard's site.