Friday, June 20, 2008

Latest Shoot: Comics at the Bedford Public Library

We finally had time to shoot some actual content for the documentary. Our stop this time? The Bedford Public Library in Bedford, TX. They've got the one thing that all libraries need: comics. A donation from the Hero Foundry helped supplement an already impressive collection of comic books and they just kicked off their Summer reading program. So off we went.

The best shoots are fueled by complex carbohydrates and the best complex carbohydrates are deep fried and have the face of a comic book character plastered on them somewhere. Tasty snacks like that are usually few and far between but all you have to do is ask and 7-Eleven will provide.

The Hulk donut doesn't just look like the Hulk, it turns you into the Hulk. After one bite I had green icing on my face, my hands and portions of my body that went nowhere near the emerald confection. In a word, it's messy....and green...that's two words I guess.

Successfully carbo-loaded, I headed straight for the library.

In filmmaking, concepts like literacy don't always lend themselves to dynamic visuals. Thankfully I was able to get the shot that all cameramen strive for. That's right...the handing of the "big check."

Ah, the "big check" shot. Is there nothing greater? Several local companies were sponsoring some of the library's summer programs and nothing gets that notion across visually like the "big check."

Here's a look at some of the Bedford Library's comic/trade paperback collection:

You may notice perennial standards like Wacthman, Maus and The Spirit. The collection also included lots of manga and some more conventional favorites (Batman, Spider-man, etc.). The collection is a favorite of the regulars and continues to grow in size and popularity.

And the good part is you can help. Most libraries are always very receptive to donations and I know all those trade paperbacks in your closet just aren't being read. You know what to do.