Sunday, March 15, 2009

Lost & Found

"Echoes of the Lost Boys of Sudan" is an upcoming graphic novel that tells the true story of several young Sudanese children who braved extreme hardships to escape the horrors of their home country.

We recently shot a live educational event coordinated by several educators and the World Affairs Council. School children from all over the metroplex came to learn the story of the "Lost Boys."

After an initial presentation the children broke into groups where they were given assignments that involved utilizing problem solving skills to develop an understanding of the monumental effort involved in the "Lost Boys" struggle to escape Sudan.

The students were also fortunate to have some of the actual survivors present who could give their unique insights into their epic journey. Their firsthand accounts of the overwhelming hardships they faced helped to give the students a clear picture of the trials they faced to achieve freedom.

We'll continue to to give updates on the release of the graphic novel. Special thanks to James Disco and everyone else involved in the event who helped us with our shoot.


Diego and Barbara Chacon said...

What an amazing piece of work. Using a graphic novel is a brilliant way to raise awareness about this tradegy. We are very thankful to people like James Disco who spend their precious time creating work that educates and makes a difference in our children's lives and in the world.

Chaz Allan said...

I have met some of the Lost Boys in Dallas and I am glad that people are finally telling their story. I look forward to the release of the Echos graphic novel!These guys went through so much and the world should not forget their story.

Starla Dean, MA, MFTI #56498 said...

How inspiring! To use this medium to educate children about our world. This is the kind of education I wish I had as a child. I'm so happy things have changed and people like James are putting their heart and energy into projects like this. Thank you James for using your creativity for such beautiful service!