Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Full Spread

Time for a candy break! I got my hands on some (non-replicated) Star Trek: The Next Generation "Photon Candies" from 1992. Every time I think that the Trek franchise has been woefully negligent in the promotional food department I stumble across a Star Trek Cereal or a Star Trek chocolate bar...and it feels good.As usually, I'm a little hesitant to eat 18 year old candy but after a quick visual inspection they look like your standard jelly bean/jellied candy, but for some reason they went with the "rock" motif (not unlike the Krypton Rock Gum from awhile back).

Also odd is that the two themes ("photon torpedo" and "rock") hardly seem to be two great tastes that taste great together. The packaging suggests that the Enterprise shoots these rock candies the same way they would shoot photon torpedoes. Now I'm no canonista but I don't think even season 1 of TNG would dare attempt such a wacky turn of events.
Like all good candy this came with a mail away offer on the back. For only $7.50 you could have owned your very own combadge and a mere tap would be all you needed to be beamed away from even the most precarious away missions.
If I were prone to negativity I might say this just seems like a previous candy line haphazardly repackaged and slapped with a brand name franchise label in order to make a quick buck. However I choose to see it as a high concept re-imagining of a Star Trek universe where the ships shoot candy rocks at their enemies. Take that Klingons!

Chalk this one up to yet another novelty candy that came and went, leaving more questions than answers.

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Michelle | Canvas Prints said...

That actually looks yummy and the packaging ain't bad. Kids would love this one.