Saturday, May 23, 2009

Star Trek: The Undiscovered Crunchy

The new Star Trek movie takes us where no Star Trek movie has gone before: with an official Star Trek licensed cereal...and it's about time.

No, you're not seeing double. I'm just pulling the old "one to keep and one to eat" maneuver. Classic.

It looks like we've got a modified Lucky Charms template complete with multi-colored marshmallows and crunchy "galaxy" swirls. The swirls look like they may be "Mini Swirlz" cinnamon bun cereal components but it tastes like the cinnamon flavor got red shirted so the marshmallows have to pick up the slack.

Although the side by side comparison holds up pretty well:
The breakdown works out to be: the red planet Vulcan, the blue planet Earth and blue, yellow and red Starfleet insignias (or "Delta Shields" according to the box).

You wouldn't automatically think that the Star Trek franchise would lend itself to creative marshmallow shapes but I've seen worse (cough cough Hulk Cereal cough cough).

Everyone seems to have their favorite:
So even though it took over 40 years for Star Trek to release a cereal, I still have high hopes of an Iron Man cereal before the next reboot.

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