Friday, May 11, 2012

Spidey Snacks

I know I keep saying this but I just can't seem to get excited about the new Spider-Man movie.  And the lack of ANY Avengers cereal, candy or gluten free turkey jerky (at least that I've seen) is not doing anything to help my mood.  And that brings us to yet another underwhelming Amazing Spider-Man food item: Graham Bites.

Spidey shapes include two (?) different spider logos, one web, one full body shot of Spidey swinging, one full body shot of Spidey climbing on what is presumably a big web and one big ol' Spidey face.  No Lizard, no Gwen, no Stan the Janitor, they're not even sneaking in Thor's hammer this time

To be fair though (and to prevent this from being an overly negative blog entry), I was surprised at how good these things taste.  I mean, they taste friggin' good.  Who knew?  I try to take it easy with the processed stuff and I guess I just don't eat a lot of boxed cookies so this came as a pleasant surprise.  Are all prepackaged cookies this good?  No wonder everyone is so fat.

It wouldn't be a super hero food item without some half-assed games on the box.  "Can you find 2 that are exactly alike?"  Are you interested in finding 2 that are exactly alike?  Are the 2 that are exactly alike the real Spider-Man and the clone Spider-Man?  And if so, who are the rest of the Spider-Men?  Confused Skrulls?  This side of the box raises far too many questions.

Maybe the back of the box will relax me.  Spidey themed "Chutes & Ladders"?  "Webs & Ladders"?  There I go asking questions again.  Find the right letters in the right order to spell Spidey's nickname:

W _ _   _ _ _ _ _ _ R

If you don't get the correct answer then your parents and teachers were wrong for not holding you back a grade.  (You know who you are.)

I hope these have a long shelf life because this will be the first time in Spider-Man movie history that I will wait to rent the DVD instead of seeing it in the theater.  And I have a feeling these will make the perfect viewing snack.  I mentioned that they taste really good, right?

So when does Avengers 2 come out?

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