Monday, May 28, 2012

Amazing Spidey Cereal

Just got a new addition to my Spider-Man Cereal Library:
A new movie means a new cereal box.  I won't go on and on about my lackluster enthusiasm level for the new Spidey movie like I have before.  After the lack of any Avengers cereal I'm just happy to welcome another superhero to be a part of my balanced breakfast. 

They didn't break any new ground with the design.  It's still a fruit flavored spider web/pinwheel type shape.  Perhaps they did it as an homage to past Spidey Cereals (see, I'm being positive!).

The back has the ol' maze/word puzzle combo with a few softball trivia questions.  It's interesting to note that the back of the box refers to the Lizard as the "Green Lizard" (assuming I got that trivia question correct).

The Lizard also gets a shout out in marshmallow form with the inclusion of "Lizard Villain Marshmallows."  Marshmallow maintains its reputation as a difficult medium in which to create art.  They resemble a green blob with two yellow spots?  Eyes? Mucus sacks?  You'll have to taste them to know for sure.

I was hoping for a "Frankenberry" taste but got more of a muted styrofoam type flavor.  But this isn't the type of purchase that is acquired for eating.  The "Limited Edition" label on the front is there to make your "Fanboy Sense" tingle and earn it a place in your Trophy Room...which is where mine is right now.

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