Sunday, June 26, 2011


The Dollar Store usually doesn't disappoint but this time I'm a little nonplussed with my take home. Maybe I have unrealistic expectations but when I look for super hero candy I expect a little more effort. What we have here seems to be your common everyday sour candy with a few well know faces slapped upon the label:

A good portion of the Avengers check in with the "Marvel Heroes Sour Straws" but I can't seem to shake that "generic" feeling. I guess you could justify it by saying the colors correspond to the characters (red=Spider-Man, Green=Hulk, Yellow=Wolverine, Red & Yellow=Iron Man, etc.) but that just seems like a stretch.

It looks like a little more focus was put into the Spider-Man Strawberry Licorice Webs but not much. They'! So I guess that's something.

All in all it's not the end of the world or even the worst comic book promotional tie-in I've ever seen but it sets a dangerous precedent for half-assedness. Come on people, we can do better! But only if we demand better!

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