Monday, December 14, 2009

Novelty Candies Assemble!

Santa Claus brought us some new treats this year: "Marvel Heroes Taffy." As I said before, I wish the super hero food genre would branch out past the candy aisle a little more often but in an imperfect world we take what we can get.

Don't get me wrong though, I think Marvel Heroes Taffy could stuff a stocking quite nicely and would bring some much needed superhero hullabaloo to the holiday season. Although would it have killed the candy makers to add little Santa hats to all the characters? Or at least the Hulk?And now for the roll call:

Wolverine Strawberry flavor (wha?), Spider-Man Blue Raspberry (a few years ago the powers-that-be decided that all things Spider-Man should be Blue Raspberry flavor, perhaps the mysterious waves that irradiated the spider that bit young Peter Parker is the same radiation that turns raspberries blue?), Hulk Sour Apple (it was either going to be that or lime flavor) and Captain America Cherry (because you can't have "Red, White & Blue " without red...and...uh...cherries are red...).

But the real reason to make the trip to the Dollar Store is shrouded in mystery:

Mystery flavor!?! Oh Tony Stark, what have you done this time?

Yes, it's true, for some reason Iron Man was blessed (cursed?) with the Mystery Flavor. But what is it? Peach? Lemon? Egg Salad? I just can't tell. Undoubtedly more research is required to solve this mystery.

Until then you now have something new to add to your taffy pull list.


Anonymous said...

Would it make more sense to have Captain America be blue raspberry? Raspberry=Red
So there's 2/3 patriotic colors. I know Spiderman has blue on him too, but it's more symbolic for Captain America, right?!

Comic Book Literacy said...

Makes sense to me