Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Star Trek: The Undiscovered Cookie

If I wasn't so tired I'd probably have more to say about these Canadian Star Trek Oreos. What? It's been a long week, even though it's only Wednesday. Maybe I can turn this into one of those blogs that just posts pictures and has very little commentary. That sounds pretty good right about now.

After a fair amount of promotion for this weekend's Las Vegas premiere of the documentary, I've definitely earned a cookie break. Regardless of my work-induced fatigue, French-Canadian sandwich cookies with starships carved into them are more than enough to give me a little pep.

These are from 1994 and on the back of each box there is a "free" (or "gratis" for you French speakers) "3-D Starship Mobile." They are all perforated shapes that you pop out and fold together (or glue together, possibly). Add a little bit of string, hang over the nearest crib and you've got instant entertainment for the next generation, courtesy of The Next Generation.

The Starship Mobiles (and cookie engravings) came in the shape of a Ferengi Marauder (above),

a Borg Cube (insert "Resistance is Futile" pun here),

a Romulan Warbird,

the Enterprise-D and a Klingon Bird of Prey (which is currently cloaked, but it looks cool, you should see it).

Those pesky perforations present a bit of a challenge when trying to keep the boxes in good shape for the sake of posterity. And to be honest these were empty when I got my grubby little hands one them so I'm only guessing (based on the top picture) that the cookies had starship shapes stamped into them.

But surely they did. Can you imagine cracking open a box of Starship Oreos and and just finding a box full of regular, run of the mill oreos!?! Why there'd be anarchy! Or the Canadian equivalent of anarchy.

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