Sunday, May 7, 2017

2017 Free Comic Book Day Wrap Up

 Another year, another stack of free comics!  The 2017 Free Comic Book Day included Wonder Woman, the Guardians of the Galaxy, Barbie, Doctor Who, the gang from Riverdale and a whole lot more of your favorite characters.  I wanted to hit a handful of stores so my first stop was at Titan Comics.

There were several artists lined up outside doing sketches and selling their work.  You can see Jedigoddess above starting a painting of Gamora.  I think she did several Guardians characters but I couldn't stick around to watch.  It was time to hit the next location:

 The local CW station was at Zeus Comics promoting the 800 comic book TV shows that the network has.  They were giving out posters and were sponsoring a CW inspired costume contest.  Among the Jugheads and Firestorms, you could also find Anna and Elsa giving out temporary tattoos:

 After loading up on another stack of freebies, it was time to head to the next location.     At the Mockingbird location of Keith's Comics.  They took they opportunity to have a half off sale on some of their back stock:

 This was my last stop for the day so after I got a hold of my freebies it was time to assess my haul for the day:

 The goal was to load up on kid friendly titles since these guys are going to be given away to the kids of friends and family.  I doubled up on a few titles, especially DC Super Hero Girls since that's my daughter's favorite.

So if you've got some extras from this year's FCBD think about encouraging the next generation of comic book readers.  After all, that what the day is all about.

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