Saturday, May 23, 2015

Comic Sighting at the Dallas Zoo

A recent trip to the Dallas Zoo led to another discovery of comics being used for educational purposes.  Inside the Insect House you'll find any number of creepy crawlies as well as this collection of insect inspired comic books:

Spider-Man, the Tick, Blue Beetle and even Ambush Bug are represented.  I'm not entirely sure of the educational merit of the display but anything that promotes comics to kids is a good thing.

The obligatory fanboy nitpick would be the inclusion of Doctor Octopus but maybe the animal experts at the zoo can make some genetic connection between octopi and bugs.  I'll leave that to the professionals. 

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Anonymous said...

Ha, I accidentally ran into this while searching for something. I originally put the displays in that corner together just to show how invertebrates are integrated all throughout our culture and to showcase some of the amazing abilities invertebrates have that comics have picked up on. It was to include all invertebrates (the invertebrate art cabinet) which includes things like the octopus, spiders, scorpions and ticks. I didn't want to be limited by just insects, especially since the building is Texas invertebrates and we show things like crabs and snails in addition to insects and arachnids. I probably didn't make that very clear with my signage. I know that a lot of the kids visiting enjoy the display and trying to figure out what invertebrate power they would like to have, I hope you enjoyed it too. So what power/ability would you choose? -Tim (invert keeper- Dallas Zoo)