Friday, January 18, 2013

Easter Egg Basket #3 - Green Arrow

It's been kind of slow lately so let's do another Easter Egg Basket.  This time we'll look at the DC Showcase animated short Green Arrow.

At the beginning of the short, Ollie is perusing the contact list on his phone:

You'll see that his contact list includes:

  • Dinah (Black Canary)
  • Bruce (Batman)
  • Clark (Superman)
  • Wally (Flash)
  • Diana (Wonder Woman)
and, of course, "Mort"

I believe that this is meant as a nod to Mort Weisinger who is credited as one of the original creators of Green Arrow.  (Look for a mention of "Weisinger Street" on an upcoming episode of the CW's Arrow...probably.)

Once Ollie arrives at the airport you can see the arriving and departing flights:


You can see several mentions of Gotham City and Metropolis as well as:

and several more that I can't quite make out. That's a pretty good list for a 10 minute short.

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