Sunday, July 31, 2011

Finger Food

[Insert blog-starting "Play with your food" joke here]

So, yeah, Marvel Gummy Candy Finger jaw hit the floor at the Dollar Store the other day when I stumbled across these little beauties.

Looks like a pretty straightforward premise:
  1. Insert fingers in puppets
  2. Perform your favorite Tennessee Williams play starring edible finger puppet versions of your favorite Marvel Heroes
  3. Eat the puppets off your fingers one by one as you pretend to be Galactus (Warning: It's not recommended that you consume any part of your actual hand.)
Let's do the roll call:

The Marvel box has the usual "movie gang": Spider-Man, Iron Man, Wolverine and the Hulk. Yep, it's the Marvel Universe's cool kids table. No surprises here.

Although I will compliment them on the sculpts. Sure it's not action figure quality but "gummy" is a difficult medium and these guys look pretty good.

And, of course, not content to just be a part of the "Marvel Heroes" lineup, you-know-who gets his own box. And you might notice his box has the same "Spider Sense Spider-Man" label as those boring Spider-Man Strawberry Licorice Webs from awhile back.

Poses are also a little questionable. The two middle fingers have standard Spidey stances but the one on the index finger looks like he's just standing there and the one on my pinky looks like he's stretching after a good night's sleep. But Spider-Man's an elder statesman in the candy world so he can get away with stuff like that.

But you'd never see Captain America trying to pull that crap.

UPDATE: Check it out: They're on a cake!


Anonymous said...

I must have some of these!

Which dollar store chain? Dollar General, Dollar Queen, or just the plain old "Dollar Store"?

Documentary Paradise said...

Awesome. I have just started feverishly searching for as many of them as I can find.

Comic Book Literacy said...

I found them at "Big Lots" which is technically more of a clearance store than a dollar store.