Thursday, March 4, 2010

Brought to You by the Letter "S"

Using the appeal of comics and superheroes to help kids learn is a time tested practice. In fact, years ago the producers of Sesame Street sought the aid of the World's Finest superheroes in their quest to educate their young audience.
Batman and Superman both appeared in animated shorts early in Sesame Street's run. In one of the shorts Superman points out things that start with his favorite letter:

Jim Henson's appreciation of the comic book medium is expressed in this quote from the Muppet Wiki:

I've always been interested in comic books as an art form, and when I was younger I was addicted to them. I read Superman and Superboy, but Captain Marvel was probably my favorite of the super-heroes. The comic I loved best, though, was Pogo. After all, Kermit's beginnings were in a swamp, too."

Comics also seemed to inspire a few loving homages on Sesame Street:
So consider this yet another historic team up in the never ending battle.

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