Monday, October 12, 2009

Can Do

Not too long ago we counted down the top beers with a TV or Movie tie-in. Today we can be a little more inclusive for those of you that "forgot" your IDs.

We can start by heading across the Neutral Zone:

At first glance this might look like the previous real deal Romulan Ale that we've seen before. Once we disengage the cloaking device we can see that it's actually a non-alcoholic energy drink.
Nothing embiggens a perfectly cromulent novelty beverage collection like several representatives from Springfield. On the left is the Buzz Cola can from the 7-Eleven/Kwik-E-Mart conversion. In the center is a small can of what appears to be a marshmallow flavored soda from the UK. And on the right, boasting "90% Safe," is Krusty Kola which I think also originates in the UK.
No one taught us about merchandising like the 1989 Batman movie. Anything that had enough mass to hold a Bat Symbol was branded and that included this Swedish Batman Soda.
From the same makers of the Romulan Ale comes another Sci-Fi beverage. Much like hot dogs and bologna, the origins of Slurm are best forgotten for maximum enjoyment of this Futurama energy drink.
Spider-Man 3 gave us dance sequences, plot contrivances and tiny cans of soda. I'm pretty sure there was at least one more flavor in addition to Green Apple and Blue Raspberry but I can't imagine that's it's anywhere near as cool as these two.

So there you have it. Your life is now enriched with the knowledge of these novelty cans. Now I'll go back to telling myself that posting wacky blog entries is just as productive as actually finishing the editing for the movie.

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