Monday, February 25, 2008

Latest Shoot: History Lesson

Four out of five shamans agree: When you are on a specific quest, crossing paths with a mythological creature is a good omen. Lucky me, when I got lost on the way to the latest shoot for the Comic Book Literacy Documentary I came across an honest to goodness jackelope who was pointing the way to my destination.

And that destination was the home of comic book historian Weldon Adams. Weldon was doing his good deed for the day by donating two palettes containing 36 long boxes chock full of comic books to "Heroes4Heroes." As you may remember Heroes4Heroes is a great group that collects and donates comics books (and other forms of entertainment) to U.S. troops that are stationed overseas.

Here's their website:

From left to right: Scott Hinze (H4H & Fanboy Radio), Weldon Adams, Chris McCroskey (Heroes4Heroes) and Chris from Madness Comics & Games in Denton, TX. The bed of that truck that they are sitting on is PACKED with comics.

In addition to making huge comic book donations, Weldon spends a fair amount of his time researching comic book contributions to society and culture. One of his pet projects involves "Texas History Movies." They were a series of educational comic strips published in the 1920's that proved so popular that they were distributed to classrooms across the Lone Star state.

A bizarre series of publishing and re-publishing events helped to flesh out an odd back story to the humble strips which provides some great background information for the documentary as a whole.

Weldon's research has been documented in THIS ARTICLE.

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