Monday, January 28, 2008

The New Batman Fruit Snacks

It's true that I have an obsession with Super Hero Food that borders on "unhealthy" (mainly because the food itself is usually junk food). But I feel I've made steps toward recovery with the donation of the bulk of my collection to the Toy & Action Figure Museum in Pauls Valley, OK.

More on that scene later. Today belongs to the new Batman Fruit Snacks. In a hopeless bid for normality I've stopped collecting them (for the most part) and started eating them. In a world of Superman Cheese and Spider-Man Salt Substitute (ok I made that one up), Batman Fruit Snacks may seem pedestrian at best. And to a certain extent they're not the most exciting licensed product on the shelves.

But I choose to believe in a world that sees Batman Fruit Snacks as the elder statesman of the Super Hero Food World. Throughout various cartoons and movies new Batman Fruit Snacks just keep appearing at your local grocer. They are the trusted old friend that says, "Go ahead and put a box of fruit snacks in your shopping cart. You won't look as stupid as you feel."

And since none of the other food at the store said anything to talk me out of it, I made it home with the new box. It looks like they didn't fix anything that wasn't broke. So here's how YOUR 2008 Batman Fruit Snacks break down:

There's easily a Dark Knight/New Movie-esque vibe to these guys...because...hey, look...the Joker. Another thing that stands out is that you get not one, but two bat symbol shapes: "traditional" and "movie-ish." And speaking of the movie symbol shape, this is as good a time as any to point out that for some reason white fruit snacks have always freaked me out. Don't know why. All I can say is, man, fruit snacks should NOT be white.

Batman head, Batman body and nondescript Batmobile shape rounds out the rest of the group. A little unimaginative this time. If they must go with movie images then why not two different Rachel Dawes heads? "Crazy" and "Crazy's replacement." Why not a Batpod or Tumbler shaped shape? Is it possible that Betty Crocker didn't put as much thought into this as I have?

Oh well, I say bring on this summer's Iron Man food!

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