Monday, November 26, 2007

Macaroni & Cheese on a Stick

So "recently" (and when I say "recently," I actually mean quite a while back) I finally made it to an honest-to-gooddness Renaissance Faire. Now, granted, I live a fairly geek-fueled lifestyle, what with my Romulan Ale (legalize it!) and my Green Lantern underpants. However, when it came to Renaissance Faires (or the much easier to type: Ren Faires) I had always had little to no interest.

Had I fallen prey to the general public's distaste for all things different and costume related? Perhaps. Nerd elitism? Maybe. Did the extra "E" in "Faire" just freak me out for no good reason? Most likely.

For whatever reason my comfort zone included the power ring over the privy and the batarang over the battle-ax. This was mainly due to the fact that I had never stepped foot onto an actual Ren Faire and never intended to.

This was due to change since "Unfortunately Named Nephew 1" and "Unfortunately Named Nephew 2" liked 1) swords and 2) hitting things with swords. So seriously, where else could you take them? So off we went...

Now don't mistake this for an account of a Ren Faire-skeptic coming to terms with a newfound love of everything Elizabethan. Because, really, who'd be interested in reading about that crap?

No, this trip led to a far more important epiphany. Much like the State Fair, the Ren Faire truly shines when it comes to food. Imagine an excitable, mead swilling fanboy's reaction when turning a corner and seeing this sign:

Well you don't have to imagine because it sounded something like this, "GASP! It am macaroni...on stick!! Cheese!" Yes, at these places the impossible is possible...and quite tasty. Several child endangerment laws were bent (if not broken outright) as I made my way through the masses, NFL style, to get my golden delicious prize.


Yes, it's deep fried. Yes, it tastes really good.

Now, I'm certainly not the first person to say that everything tastes better when it is "on a stick" but I'm the one saying it right now. Everything tastes better when it is "on a stick."

I'd like to tell you more of my impressions of the Faire but all the parts of my brain that would house those memories were replaced by "feel good" fluffiness brought about by my new favorite carbohydrate source.

Let that be a lesson to all of you too afraid to try new things.

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Adam said...

Just found your post looking for festival goers with similar experiences. The M&C on a stick was definitely my highlight as part was when they looked at each other when I ordered and yelled "ON A STICK!!!" in a heavy old english accent. Was fantastic (and the helpful tip to use the stick as a weapon to fend off other patrons from stealing my prize)