Monday, November 10, 2008

Latest Shoot: Wizard World University

This movie just doesn't seem to want to make itself so out came the camera and off we went to Wizard World Texas.

This year Wizard World Texas hosted Wizard World University, an academic track of programming created alongside the Institute for Comics Studies. Saturday's "Comics in the Classroom" panel featured none other than CBL producer Khindra Kent and her presentation, " Comic Book Literacy in the Early Childhood Classroom."

Joining her on the panel were Weldon Adams (Overstreet Price Guide Advisor) presenting "Comics Strips as Classroom Material" and Stephen T. Varela (University of Texas - El Paso) presenting " Re-Canonization: Transforming the English Curriculum with the Grapic Novel." The room was packed and there was a genuine sense of excitement and support for the topic.

Afterward we were able to interview several Wizard World University participants.

Above: Interviewing Travis Langley, WWU-T Provost and professor of psychology.

Special thanks to everyone at Wizard World and ICS who helped out and made this shoot successful.