Sunday, March 15, 2009

Unhappy Meal

I recently learned how little I know about Happy Meals. Now I'm not the biggest fan of McDonalds and it's been awhile since it's even occurred to me to order the kiddie cuisine. But once I noticed Spider-Man had gotten involved my interest was peaked.

The first disappointment came when my order was filled and the whimsical box of my youth was a no-show.

What? A bag? Where's the box? The brightly colored and heavily marketed cardboard containment unit with the little handles at the top that contained all our childhood hopes and dreams, along with an air of mystery...gone? Replaced with a sack? How long is that been going on? Nothing good comes in a sack. But a cardboard box with little handles? Pure excitement.

The toy surprise inside was almost an afterthought when the box it came in was so cool. Interestingly enough it seems my Happy Meal ignorance extends to the toy as well.

I've since learned that the toys are released one to two per week, so buying two Happy Meals at once will probably only result in getting two of the same toys instead of two different ones. So much for trying to beat the system.

So that's the reason why you only get a picture of the "Crawling Spider-Man in Black Costume." For those curious, here's a picture of all toys they have to offer (based on the animated "Spectacular Spider-Man" by the way) courtesy of McDonalds:

I blame myself for a lack of preparation. Next time I'll be ready.

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